Data Catalog

An on-demand “Data Super Market”, with the capability of organizing inventory of enterprise data assets. Enjoy the great, self service, features to such as search catalog, read community reviews, reserve, subscribe, check-out and also return your data. Lastly don’t forget to provide your own data fulfillment ratings, help the community!!!

Data is useless if it’s too difficult to be found and used.

Today’s environment demands data protection than ever before but too many layers and wrappers around your data could also mean user disappointment. Implement data catalog to keep the things simple and yet in the order, classify data that you have based on it’s type, source and usage. Assign owners, stakeholders and define it’s subscribers model.

Search & Discover

Intuitive search and customizable filter options aid users to get to the relevant data sets for various data applications such analytics, statistical modeling and even simple transformations. Well defined data catalog fulfills the user demands,  maintains the trust and improves the value of underlying data assets.

Curation & Harvest

Gather and curate metadata actively and constantly to manage throughout its life cycle. Enable data discovery and retrieval, maintain data quality, add value, and provide for re-use over time through activities including authentication, archiving, management, preservation, and representation.

Automate & Infuse

Embark on automation of your data framework to spread and infuse knowledge in your organization’s DNA. Deploy AI and machine learning techniques for data collection, to provide enriched contextual references and even the valued recommendations from the user community.

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