Business Glossary

Tireless data efforts could still mean spreading confusion than sharing common understanding when lacked in clarity. Turn to enterprise business glossary to give that missing direction to your data program. No more ambiguous names, free flowing acronyms, multiple definitions, outdated business rules, rickety data trust, and most importantly unaccountable data owners.

Get more out of your data, grow it’s trust, quality, consistency and the reach.

Effective data governance application brings delight to the audit and sales teams, alike. A solid foundation to meet the multi-fold business demand of growth, compliance and yet deliver information, timely.


Foster community trust and build confidence with reusable workflows equipped to handle enrichment  and escalations. Collaborate to ensures everyone is using the right data.


Effectively manage the volume, variety and velocity of the data available. Easy to acquire, process and turn-around information with the help of pervasive adoption of the data governance


Safeguard critical data distribution by tackling the regulatory and privacy bottlenecks proactively. Classify data based on level of sensitivity, value and criticality and impose policy rules accordingly.


Take the guesswork out, avoid gut decisions with data governance. Informed and effective business decisions lies at the Intersection of a strong data maturity, trust and off course the culture.

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